Technical Information – Reference: DA-O 12

About Green Coffee
The history of coffee began in the ninth century. Originating from the highlands of Ethiopia (possibly with cultures in Sudan and Kenya) and broadcast to the world through Egypt and Europe [4]. But contrary to what is believed, the word "coffee" does not originate from Kaffa - place of origin of the plant - but rather the Arabic word qahwa, which means "wine" because the importance that the plant has to have Arab world.

Cosmetic properties

With a high concentration of fatty acids, the Green Coffee Oil is an excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, tonic, anti-age, suntan, refresh and restore the vitality of the cells of hair and the skin.

Chemical denomination
Coffea arabica oil.

CAS # 84650-00-0

Chemical composition
Lipids, high concentration of fatty acids, omega-6, tricilglicerols

The Green coffee oil is obtained from the coffee beans, through for an exclusive process of super critic extraction. This process allows the maintenance the fruit’s best properties for cosmetic use.

Fatty acid composition:

Palmitic 33,7%
Stearic 9,1%
Oleic 10,4%
Linoleic 41,0%
Linolenic 1,0%
Arachinnid 3,9%
Behenic 0,6%
Eicosenoic 0,3%

Physiochemical Characteristics
Appearance: Viscous oily liquid.
Color: Light green.
Odor: Like green coffee.
Density: 0,937 – 0,005
Iodine Index: 11,3 – 0,0
Refraction Index: 1,458 – 0,005
Unsaponificated matter 11,3 – 0,0



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