Technical Information – Reference: DA-O 01

About Brazil Nut Oil
This tree is native of the Amazon forest, and has fundamental importance to conservation and preservation of forest and is the primary tree is set at the tomy (high) by providing shade and forest conditions so that the trees and other species of develop and play. Without it and other trees would be impossible to structure the Amazon forest.
It’s collection is made within a period of three months of the year, where the tree let out a "hedgehog" that the seed is taken by Indians and extractive (people living in forest) and then the kernel requires a lot of manpower and care.

Cosmetic properties
It contains a high protein proportion and contains selenium, an element wich combats free radicals and antioxidant.

Chemical denomination
Bertholletia excelsa seed oil.

CAS # 160965-04-8

Chemical composition
The Brazil oil nut posses 8% in protein, 13% in carbohydrates and 69% in fat. The proportion of fat is approximately 25% unsatured fats, 41% in monounsaturates and 34% in polyinsaturates. The content of saturated fat of the nut is among the higest of all nuts.

The Brazil Nut Oil is obtained from the natural source, the seed of the Bertholletia excelsa nut, through for an exclusive process of super critic extraction. This process allows the maintainance the fruit’s best properties for cosmetic use.

Fatty acid composition (%):
Myristic           max. 0,08
Palmitic           12,5 – 15,4
Palmitoleic      max. 0,05
Stearic                        9,2 – 12,7
Oleic               30 - 35
Linoleic           40 - 46
Linolenic         0,07 – 0,10
Linoelaidic       max 0,08
Arachinnid       max 0,05
Gadoleic         0,05 – 0,10
Behenic          0,02 – 0,07

Physiochemical Characteristics
Appearance:               Clear, low viscosity oil.
Color:                          Yellow.
Odor:                          Characteristic.
Density (g/cm3)         0,900 – 0,930
pH                               5,0 – 5,4
Free Fatty Acids         Max. 3%         
Preservatives             Raw vegetable oil, without.




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