Technical Information – Reference: DA-M 13

About Cupuaçu
The cupuaçu is a fruit from a  tree originally from the Amazon. It is a tree that has branches flexible, long leaves and large flowers, is a deep red color, and its height can reach 10m.

The fruit is an exaggerated cupuaçu: big, heavy, bulky and very scented. The seeds are many and great, one wrapped in white, acid and strong smelling pleasant pulp.

When mature, the cupuaçu simple fall. The pulp, fleshy, is removed with scissors and the waste that remains in the seed, washed. After this, the pulp is frozen and can be marketed over long distances. With this refreshing pulp can make all kinds of jams, juices, drinks, ice, cream, liqueurs and spirits, even flavored.

Cupuaçu is very rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C and pectin, a natural fiber material.


Cosmetic properties
The Cupuaçu Butter presents excellent emollient and lubricant properties giving a soft touch for the skin. Provides high capacity for water absorption, approximately 240% more than lanolin. It helps in stability and it is a co-emulsifier of cosmetic emulsions. It presents high hydration improving the elasticity of the skin, provides a lipid replacement, anti-inflammatory effect.   


Chemical denomination
Theobroma Grandflorum Seed Butter.

CAS # 879496-95-4

The Cupuaçu Butter is obtained from the seeds of the nut using a natural cold process without any solvents or chemicals. This cold manufacturing process has an advantage over the solvent extraction technique in that it produces butters that are superior in stability.

Fatty Acids
Myristic           Traces
Palmitic           7-9
Stearic                        25-30  
Oleic               44-46
Linoleic           4-7
Arachidonic     7-11
Gadoleic         0,4
Behenic          1,8

Physiochemical Characteristics
Appearance:               Solid vegetable wax.
Color:                          Slightly yellow
Odor:                          Characteristic.
Index saponification:   187,50
Index refraction:          1,459 (40ºC)
Index Iodine:               43,40





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