Floresta Amazônica

Natural extraction
The environmental issue mobilized various social movements of the Amazon in meetings, workshops and regional forums. Groups and social movements were created for village and native people, often with the support of NGOs to discuss the public policies for the sector and how are the best ways to extract without the degradation of the natural environment.

This extraction is performed based on sustainability by the natives, indigenous and local people through a very simple process, but with a fundamental objective.

The process is based on the extraction of the fruits collected by hand and without the use of chemical additives. The population is grouped in teams of extractors by region, providing employment in areas that depend on the fully on the activity.

Every time we buy from these cooperatives, we acquired 100% natural products and encourage the employment of thousands of natives, and combat clandestine groups that often use child labor, or slave work.

These groups participate in all stages of the production process. They receive training and are aware of the impacts caused by the use of fire, of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, heavy machinery and other practices harmful to the environment.

The raw material extracted naturally is being pushed to the market, bought by companies that seek for more equitable prices and techniques that preserve the nature.

It is exactly this kind of material we offer to the market. The oils are obtained through a process that affirms the value we give for a 100% natural products.

The fats are extracted from fruits and seeds by cold pressing. The process is free of chemical additives, preserves the main characteristics of the raw material and has no harmful waste to the environment.





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