Technical Information – Reference: DA-O 07

About Passion Fruit

Oil with high fatty acid concentration of fruit, helping to restore the lipidic layer of the skin and giving emollient through the formation of a film, leaving the skin soft. It also has emollient properties and assets suavizantes that affects the scalp. The oil Maracujá astringent properties, nutrients and protection, can be used in the hair or skin: post-treatment, anti-wrinkle, defoliants, astringent, soaps, lotions, moisturisers and masks.

Cosmetic properties
The oil has a high concentration of fruit fatty acids, assisting in the restoration of the lipid layer of the skin and giving brightness through the formation of a film, leaving the skin soft. It also has properties and assets smooth hits emollient than the scalp. The Passionflower oil astringent properties, nutrients and protective, can be applied in the hair or skin on: post-treatments, anti-wrinkle, astringent, soaps, lotions and moisturizing masks.

Chemical denomination
Passiflora edulis flavicarpa fruit oil.

CAS # 91770-48-8

Chemical composition
It contains potassium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin C. The fruit is rich in the B complex vitamins and minerals such as iron and phosphorus, also contains passiflorina, which has sedative properties.

The oil is obtained from the seeds of the fruit, through the natural process of cold pressure without solvents or chemicals. This process of extraction allows the maintenance of the best properties of seed, oil producing superior in quality and stability.

Fatty acid composition (%):
Palmitic           28
Palmitoleic      1,0
Stearic            8,1
Oleic               50,5
Linoleic           9,0
Linolenic         0,3
Aracdenic       1,2


Physiochemical Characteristics
Appearance:                oily liquid brilliant.
Color:                          Slightly yellow.
Odor:                          Characteristic.
Index acid (% oleic):    Max 30.0
Index of Iodine:            50 - 80
Peroxide index:            <10
Fusion Point:                30 - 40 º C
Boiling Point:                > 200 º C
Solubility:                     Insoluble in water.




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