Technical Information – Reference: DA-M 14

About Muru-muru
The murmuru is a palm tree, typical of the primary areas of Amazon forest. It is distributed in all states of the Amazon, along the rivers in the areas temporarily flooded and in dense or semi-open forest formations.

The butter fat is one of murumuru in nature, obtained through the compression of the seeds under cold Palm.

Cosmetic properties
The Murumuru Butter offer innumerous advantages to the skin and to the hair, as it is an excellent emulsifier; it forms a protective film that hlps the skin to retain humidity. Its balanced composition of fatty acids restores the natural hydrolipidic layer, giving shine, softening, hydration and protection to the hair, being ideal in the treatment of lifeless and damage hair.

Chemical denomination
Astrocaryum murumuru Butter.

CAS # 356065-49

The Murumuru Butter is obtained from the seeds and polp of the fruit using a natural cold process without any solvents or chemicals. This cold manufacturing process has an advantage over the solvent extraction technique in that it produces butters that are superior in stability.

Fatty Acids
Caprilic           0,80
Capric             1,10
Lauric              51,42
Myristic           29,86
Palmitic           7,81
Stearic                        2,93
Oleic               8,75
Linoleic           3,45
Lignoceric       0,14
Arachidonic     0,15
Behenic          0,14

Physiochemical Characteristics
Appearance:                           Solid vegetable wax.
Color:                                     Slightly Yellowish
Odor:                                      Characteristic.
Free Fatty Acids (oleic%):     17,55
Index saponification:               236,04
Index refraction:                      1,450 (40 º C)
Index Iodine:                          13,45
Index Peroxid:                        5,22
Melting Point:                          31ºC




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