Technical Information – Reference: DA-E 22

About Neem
The Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a plant's natural Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent brought to Brazil in 1992. Belongs to the family Meliaceae. It is a tropical plant, drought resistant, fast-growing, dense canopy, to reach 15 m in height.

The Neem is used for centuries in their region of origin, in medicine, antiseptic in urinary disorders, diarrhea, disease on the scalp, skin rashes (skin) and abscesses, spermicides, contraceptive. In agriculture, can be used to control insect pests. It is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, urban afforestation and reforestation, as well as fertilizer.

Cosmetic properties
-Prevention of lice;
- Anti-dandruff;
- Healing;
- Anti-bactericidal;
- Antiseptic.

Chemical denomination
Melia Azadirachta Extract

CAS # 90063-92-6

Chemical composition
Azadirachtin, triterpenoid, gedunins, nimbin, liminoids.

The extract is obtained from the natural source, Melia Azadirachta, through for an exclusive process of super critic extraction, without any solvents or chemicals. This natural process allows the maintainance the fruit’s best properties for cosmetic use.

Physiochemical Characteristics
Appearance: Clear, low viscosity.
Color: Dark green to brown.
Odor: Characteristic.
pH (sol. 10%, 25ºC): 4.0 to 6.0
Density (25ºC): 0,90 to 1,10.
Solubility: water, propylene glycol, glycerin, sorbitol and ethanol.




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