Technical Information – Reference: DA-O 04

About Pracaxi
The name Wild Pentaclethara macroloba may seem strange to people in urban areas, but for the people of the Amazon river, the pracaxi, popular name of the tree, is widely used to treat bites from snakes and the healing of ulcers.The seeds produce oil for cooking and wood can be used to manufacture furniture and sleepers of railways. Valuable on the market, the cubic meter of wood can reach the price of 31, $ 94 (standing) and 47.91 (in the courtyard of logs). In the State of Amapá observed that, over two years pracaxi the species grows in wet tropical climate, flora and frutificando in the dry season during the rainy season.

Cosmetic properties
It is a great skin and hair hydrant and antiseptic; prevent stretch marks; bring brightness and softness to the skin or hair. Ideal to treat pigmentation marks and skin infections. It helps to avoid wrinkles.

Chemical denomination
Pentaclethra macroloba seed oil.

CAS # 866620-18-0

Chemical composition
Pracaxi has one of the highest level of behénic acid between natural products.

The Pracaxi oil is obtained from the seeds and flesh of the fruit, using a natural cold press without any solvents or chemicals. This process allows the maintainance the fruit’s best properties for cosmetic use.

Fatty acid composition (%):
Myristic           <0,43
Lauric              <0,12
Palmitic           <5,0
Palmitoleic      <5,0
Stearic                        <5,0
Oleic               35,0 – 75,0
Linoleic           10,0 – 25,0
Linolenic         <0,5
Arachinnid       <1,0
Gadoleic         <1,50
Behenic          10,0 – 25,
Euricic            <1,0
Lignoceric       10,0 – 15,0

Physiochemical Characteristics
Appearance:               Viscous oily liquid.
Color:                          Limpid/cloud when appears a characteristic precipitated fraction.
Odor:                          Characteristic.
Peroxide Index            <10,0
Saponification Index   <150,0 – 195,0
Iodine Index                <60 - 110
Preservatives             Raw vegetable oil, without.





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