Responsabilidade Social

Text on social and environmental responsibility:

"Sustainable development is the kind of development that satisfies the needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Brundtland Report, 1987, UN (World Commission on Environment and Development - theme "Our Common Future").

Based on this philosophy, main goals are to act effectively in the preservation of nature, the maintenance of human dignity and the creation and promotion of ethical and moral values.

Be a sustainable business means being economically viable, be attentive to the impact of our activities on the environment and taking care of our relations with the company, employees and customers. Our work for sustainability is present in the different fronts of business, in our practice and daily activities.

Sustainability is much more than taking care of the planet, so as its resources to be used in a responsible manner and not destroyed, is yes, a business management model aimed at the financial return on investment, taking into account the impacts of our operations on the environment and society, protecting human and environmental resources.

As a global company aware of his great responsibility, we work to the pillars of sustainability are incorporated into our practices, attitudes and our network of suppliers and the search for innovation through new products, processes and business models to give the best for the market and society.





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