Technical Information – Reference: DA-M 15

About Tucumã
It’s the fruit of the Tucumã Palm (Astrocaryum tucuma Martius), a spiny, evergreen, single-stemmed, feather palm that is a colonizer or disturbed areas in the central Amazon region.  Has an special taste for ice cream, jams, sweets and wine.

It is explored or cultivated because of its palm heart and eatable fruits and the wood used to art craft.

Cosmetic properties
The Tucuma Butter is an excellent emollient and presents high power of spreadbility and provides soft touch skin. It is rich in omega-3, Ômega-6 e Ômega-9, behaving themselves as an excellent moisturizing and high content of fatty acids. Application in hydrant body and hair products.

Chemical denomination
Astrocaryum tucuma  Butter.

CAS # 394236-97-6

The Tucuma Butter is obtained from the seeds and flesh of the nut using a natural cold process without any solvents or chemicals. This cold manufacturing process has an advantage over the solvent extraction technique in that it produces butters that are superior in stability.

Fatty Acids
Capoic                        0,40
Caprilic           2,22
Capric             2,11
Lauric              51,42
Myristic           21,99
Palmitic           5,76
Stearic                        2,93
Oleic               8,75
Linoleic           4,17
Lignoceric       max. 0,25
Arachidonic     0,14
Behenic          1,4-1,9

Physiochemical Characteristics
Appearance:  Solid vegetable wax.
Color:              Slightly yellowish
Odor:              Characteristic.
Index saponification:   187,50
Index refraction:          1,459 (40ºC)
Index Iodine:               43,40
Point of solidification: 18 to 24
Melting Point:              30ºC




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